Saturday, March 10, 2018

Who are YOU going to be turned into?

Hello everyone! I missed you! And how I can prove it? No, no comic... That's still in development... I know! Tonight I bring for you something completely new.

If you are older than 5 years old (an 18 or older to be viewing this blog, right?), then you'll probably stumbled upon a "what kind of....... are you" or "What charatcer from........ are you?" quiz.

Well, I made one. It's like making 20 mini captions!

It's simple: you've been selected as a colonist to populate a new planet, and this quiz will help decide in what and in who you'll be turned into, your new role in this new society!

Oh, an example:
Who cares if you're a Doctor? We need strippers! Welcome to your new life, "Summer"!

Here, take the quiz and see your future: there more than 30 possibile outcomes!

Aparently, I'll be spending the rest of my days as... "A Lesbian Wife"
Well... It could be worse... so, so much worse! I know...

Please tell me what's your result!

Next post: captions, after that... VipComics #6?

Friday, February 23, 2018

Corruption of Champions sketches, extra renders and development - Part 2

Hello veryone! I'm (sadly) back from my vacations! I see you enjoyed the posts I left programmed for you in my absence. Great!
But of course, I knew that many of you would ask for CoC news, and I didn't want to return empty handed.

Specially considering that VipComics #6 is more likely to see the light before CoC#18

So, just like the last time, here are some renders and a bit of insight in the creation process. Click images to enlarge, of course (is it really necessary to clarify that, I wonder?)

Unused Models
CoC gives me a place to place some unused models or ideas... Like, for example, remember the dream part? I wanted to do some nasty things to the twins that teached our Champion chastity...

Who knows? Maybe something of this will come in a short comic sometime...

Or, maybe, thake for example the Milk Slave

Or, for example, discarded ideas or models for the comic.
I thought of adding a "Dark Elf Genie" (basically a Djinn) but it was not in the original game, and the nasty futa trickster should have her own miswish comic sometime. Right?
Plus, Ceraph can do her job quite nicely don't you think?

Others models may feature a bit more than just a vignette in the comic... And ended up being close contenders for final characters.

And, some other characters have limited appeareance, but still might play  a bigger part in the coming chapters...
Why on earth an Incubus would need a wrench? What is it... some kind of mechanic (wink wink)

Character Development
Most usually than I want, I think making a model will take short time because I know what I want and I have some idea of how to make it...
Silly me! I will never learn that so many things require time! Problems with models proportions, problems with colors, or simply tweaking something a bit, and ending up doing something entirely different.

For  example... Scylla.
Damn she was hard! Adjatha did yet another of his masterpieces with this one...

So I ask myself how am I supposed to render something that looks like... this?

And add the fact that I wanted to make her transformation, and not just show her transformed?

So, first we look for a skin, and then a face, It must be young, virginal, naive, and hot yet not a bombshell...

And then, the transformation... That mouth, those lusty lips Adjatha draws with such mastery that cannot be rendered. Or, at least, I can't.
So... My first attempts were... Uhm...

Yep. total horse face.
In fact, I starter wasting time just having fun, making monstosities like this:

At least, the body was not an issue.

 Until I realized... She has lipples. that meant putting mouths in her nipples!
So, not only I had to tweak ther mouth and lips, remove teeth, remove nipples, etc., but find also mouths and a skin to match!

Another thing that consumes a lot of time is choosing clothes and hair.
For example, the Sand Mother

Or even Ifris

And sometimes, it's just  a mix of everything: I have the model, but... what skin color? what hair color? How do they mix and match? and how do they match their clothes?
Let's take a look, for example, at the Cum Witch
This was the first, original model and its clothing choices:

 And then... how about the skin? How would it look in the model, and how the face will look with different skins?

And if that wasn't enough... Hair! Hairstyle? Hair color?

 Extra stuff

This has little to do with CoC, but I'm donating for a videogame (well, a mod actually) a portait model: Sheena
Sheena is a half  Dragon girl featured in a mod for Baldur's Gate. More info HERE
(Actually, She's a bit similar to a CoC named Ember)
This is NOT the final model, because it look a lot more CoC-like than the character it is supposed to be based on. I used my Ifris model and... well, buff the hell out of her I guess.

 And... Spoilers

Yes, I'm breaking my own rule. Here's some of what's coming in the next chapters!

Glad to be back, and even more to see that I got feedback even though I was away. Thanks a lot!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Introducing: Vip`SinTech's new line of products!

I've played  around with VipSinTech's products in many of my comics, but never gave it enough attention. So... how about some Adverising Captions? Or.. Advercaptions? How do you call it?

I just need a willing investor, a true visionaire, and I'm pretty sure this products will sell themselves!

I'm gonna come clean... these are captions were actually made in 2017, but I never made the post so I didn't include them in the 2017 Xmas captions pack, they seemed out of place.

Hope you like them, this style is something new, I doubt I'll do more

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Oh, the sand, the sea, the drinks, the girls, the fun.... So sad many of you are under the snow right now. Summer should last 6 months.
So, if you didn't noticed, Yes, I'm on vacations. I left a couple of programmed posts, I'll be answering comments, questions or whatever you left here as usual.... While still enjoying a great beach, great girls and fun with friends!

Now... Nothing can ruin my vacations and my relaxation time, right?

Thanks to my friend SitriAbyss for helping with the pic! Check out his stuff... I recommend PPR!
(Nice jump scare you gave me... I'll get you back, Sitri...)

Stay Tunned... And see you in a couple of weeks!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Corruption of the Champion - Part 17!

So, 2018 already started...New year is old news...
Its about time we continue with Martin's journey! I think we waited long enough. and I think, you'll be glad to find out that, as usual, whenever I take too long to post a new chapter, you got a big-ass 70 pages long one! (with some goodies and extras too!)

So let's just start remembering where we left Martin last time:

This part was something different for me. It felt... A bit out of place and time in a way (both in the game and in the comic I'm making), because in the game it's not a medieval environment.

But, not only I'm trying to be faithful to the original material, if you played the game, you surely know that a part happening at The Gym was mandatory!!!

So many characters, locations and stuff goes on there!!! Of course, I couldn't make them all, but I hope my picks and preferences peleases you.

As I said, for me it feels a bit out of place, but sometimes you have to make concessions and compromises, you have to look over some things... And just enjoy what's coming

Well... since I doubt you're here to read this text wall, I'll shut up and leave the download links HERE:


Again, THANKS for all the support and feedback. 
As always I'm eagerly waiting for your feedback and ideas! 
Don't be shy!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year! First captions of the year

It's gone! 2017, what a long, tiresome year, its finally gone!

Well... Depending on what part of the world you are, you could already be in 2018 or still in 2017... That means this message may come... from the future! WOAH... Am I, like, Jesus? Nah, hardly. Just a bit drunk and writing bad jokes.

But it's new year nevertheless! Celebrate! Drink with your mates! Have a blast! Make a new year resolution that can actually be possible and good, like this girls in the post entry image, they seem to have a clear idea of a proper new year resolution.

I don't know why I used so much balloons - I've never celebrated new year with balloons! But it's still festive, right? And come on... Who cares about the balloons instead of the hot girls!!

Thanks for an amazing 2017, friends.
See you next week with COC part 17!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas! My gift for you: all the 2017 captions in one pack!


Merry, Merry Christmas!!! To every and each one of you, whenever you are, whatever you're doing!
(or "Happy Holidays", if you don't want to call a holiday for it's name).

It's almost time for the big moment: Food? Nope. Family and friends? Close. Presents? HELL YES!!

I love presents. Who doesn't? Think about it. You've been all year expecting that nice Playstation... You get... Socks!
And oh wait there's more... A scarf, too! Isn't it great?

And it can get worse: there's always the risk of that parent or relative that says "Christmas is not about presents. No presents in this house!"
(To be clear - I prefer presents, food and laughter, nothing bad if you prefer to pray or whatever)

Some of us have been there. And don't even get me started with those who have a crazy or non functional, fighting family!

But you know what? I'm here, friend. I'm more predictable. For the last 5 years I've been doing this, you know that you'll get a present from me, and you know what's gonna be.

The 2017 Captions Pack!
Yes, you know, it has all the captions I made during the year, and most of them I never uploaded.
It's quite a mix, you'll like one for sure... Let's see, we got preggos, we got interracial, we got bimbos, we got BDSM, latex, MILF's (this year they were in quite high demand), lesbos... The usual stuff

But don't take my word for it: have a taste of what you're getting!

Like what you see?
Get the 2017 caption pack HERE:

Now, I'll be starting my vacations in a couple of days, so I left a couple of posts programmed for January. I might, however, take a little time to respond to comments in January.


Which one you liked the most? Any suggestions? 
Something to say? Remember to leave a comment!
 It's that ime of the year when you're supposed to be kind!

Happy "Holidays"!